How can I get my exam schedule changed?

In general, you cant unless you have exam clashes or exam hardships as defined by UBC's exam policies. However, your course instructors may make alternative arrangements for you on a case-by-case basis if you discuss your situation with them.

Can I switch between the Process and the Biological option?

Yes, talk to Lori in the CHBE main office.

Where do I hand in my assignments?

Assignment hand-in boxers are located outside of the CHBE Main Office, Room 218. Assignments are due at 4:30 PM unless otherwise specified by the course instructor. All assignments are time-stamped.

Can I get a make-up exam because I'm sick/missed it/slept in etc?

It depends on your instructor. Talk to them as soon as possible.

I have some issues/opinions/complaints/remarks about my courses.

The responsibilities of the academic reps is to communicate student feedback about CHBE courses and curriculum to the faculty. Students who wish to give feedback about their courses can do so using the following methods:

  • Feedback sessions known as "Beef and Pizza" held twice per term. Students can give positive or constructive feedback on their courses.
  • Anonymous surveys in conjunction with the "Beef and Pizza" sessions can be filled out at: Feedback Survey
  • Email us directly at with the course name as the subject.

  • Academic Misconduct,54,111,959

    Students are responsible for informing themselves of the guidelines of acceptable and non-acceptable conduct for graded assignments established by their instructors for specific courses and of the examples of academic misconduct set out below. Academic misconduct that is subject to disciplinary measures includes, but is not limited to, engaging in, attempting to engage in, or assisting others to engage, in any of the actions described in the document.

    Prospective & Transfer Students

    What do I learn in CHBE?

    In CHBE you will learn to create and develop processes to change raw materials into the products that society depends on: food, chemicals, fuels, energy, metals, pharmaceuticals, paper, plastics, and personal care products.

    Chemical and process engineers help to manage natural resources, protect the environment, control health and safety procedures, and recycle materials, while developing and managing the processes which make the products we use.

    Source: CHBE Department Website

    Is a 75% GPA enough to enter CHBE?

    Currently an average of 75% is enough to enter CHBE. However the entrance GPA to CHBE fluctuates year to year depending on the interest in the department. For the latest information contact the CHBE Advisors.

    Where can I find the courses that I need for transferring?

    Student should talk to the following Advisors based on their year:

    • Dr. Ezra Kwok (year 2)
    • Dr. Kevin Smith (Chem Eng years 3 and 4)
    • Louise Creagh (ChemBio Eng years 3 and 4)

    Advisors are the first point of contact for students for any of a wide range of issues, including recommending course substitutions or equivalent credits to the Department. If issues are not resolved, students are referred by their advisor to either the Associate Head for Undergraduates, Dr. Gopaluni, or the Department Head, Dr. Englezos.

    How can I specialize my degree beyond the typical standard timetable?

    Specialization is accomplished through technical electives offered in third and fourth year. The list of approved technical electives is intentionally broad to provide students with the flexibility to explore their interests. This includes courses focused on industry, such as specific industrial applications of a chemical engineering degree and the typical software utilized by industry, the environment, and more theory-based supplements to the curriculum.

    Students take six credits technical electives and can elect to take a maximum of three of these credits outside the department.

    The course listing can be found at Technical Electives and Complementary Courses.

    Can I pursue a minor while working on a CHBE degree?

    Yes! CHBE students can pursue minors offered by the Faculty of Applied Science. This includes:

    • Minor in Commerce
    • Minor in Arts (18 or 30 credits)
    • Minor in Honours Mathematics
    • Minor in Science *New!*

    Professional Development

    What are some CHBE-related student teams in UBC?

    • UBC Chem-E-Car
    • The Oil and Gas Initiative
    • CHBE Sustainability Club Biodiesel Project
    • BIOMOD
    • IGEM

    Where can I get relevant work experience?

    You should consider joining the UBC Engineering Co-Op program. Pros and Cons. Networking Events. Industry Night.

    How do I get my P.Eng?

    To be eligible for the title of P.Eng you must be a member of APEGBC who has met the academic, work experience, good character, and professional practice exam requirements. Read this document for more information on P.Eng eligibility and the APEGBC Competency Tool.

    Undergraduate Research

    Coming soon...

    How do I get involved?

    How do I get involved with the CHBE undergraduate club as an executive or officer?

    CHBE Club executives are elected in Term 2 (April) during our annual election. All registered CHBE students are encouraged to vote. CHBE students away on a Co-Op term may vote online. Council officer positions are posted in early Term 1. Applications have closed for the 2015-2016 Term but we have still have a small number of open positions.

    Current Openings:

    I have some good ideas, how do I share them with the club?

    You may email any council member. Email addresses are on the "Team" page.

    How can I be part of the council?

    Elections for Executive positions are held annually during the month of March. Details will be posted soon.

    In the meantime, if you wish to know more about a position, get in contact with the current executive member. Or even better, come to our Weekly Meeting on Tuesdays 6-7 pm in the Clubroom. As for Officer positions, get in contact with them directly. Their contact info are on the "Team" page.