2017/2018 Election Candidates

Candidate Platforms

Important dates for the election:

  • Nominations open - February 17, 2017
  • Nominations close - March 1, 2017
  • Campaign period- March 1-10, 2017
  • Election speeches- March 6/8, 2017
  • Elections - March 9/10, 2017

Below are the platforms of the CHBE council candidates.


Tyra Phillips (4th year) and Gillian Fung-Quon (3rd year)


When my time is not consumed by design competitions/teams, meetings or engineering, I enjoy binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, re-reading Harry Potter and taking afternoon naps. I enjoyed working as part of CHBE Council this past year as Co-Third Year Rep, and I’m excited to continue to build on the work that the council accomplished this year!


I’m a crazy morning person with a weird sarcastic sense of humour. I'm also super friendly and I love getting to know people. If you see me around CHBE don’t hesitate to say hi! (I was asked today if I lived in the clubroom, so that's where you'll probably find me). I think community is incredibly important for students to be successful, and I’ve had an amazing time being able to hold executive positions since I started in CHBE. I’d love to continue to improve CHBE to make it the best it can be!

Why are you a good fit for this position?:

As execs on council we have gained relevant experience in event planning and providing support for all executive members. As a part of this involvement, we continue to work as liaisons between the CHBE Club, the students, and the department, in order to foster a positive CHBE community. This past year, we have worked closely in our involvement on council. We are both extremely committed and dedicated to both CHBE and CHBE Council and we have learned a lot working together, which makes us the best candidates for this position.

Election platform:
  • Mental wellness support for students
  • Improve CHBE E-Week participation #notlast
  • Continue with supplying CHBE with sweet merch
  • Keep the clubroom microwaves sparkling and CLEAN


Chella Thornton ( 4th year) Dana Mraz (3rd year)

We are Chella Thornton and Dana Mraz, and are currently in third year of CHBE in the bio option. We are excited to be running for co-vice presidents of the CHBE Undergraduate Club. We like tasty food and dank memes - come say hi, we’re super friendly!

Why are you a good fit for this position?:

We believe that we are a good fit for the vice president position because we love attending CHBE events, and want to become more involved in facilitating them in the coming school year. We are very present in our classes, and our co-vice presidency will span both third and fourth year courses, giving us an opportunity to connect with more of our CHBE peers. Our organizational skills will be valuable in managing communications within the council, as well as supporting the volunteer officers. We are excited to be involved in all the projects that the CHBE Undergrad club offers, and can’t wait to help make the CHBE Undergraduate Club the best that it can be.

Election platform:
  • Our top priority is to increase participation in CHBE and EUS events, such as CHBE socials, industry nights and E-week
  • We want to continue the revamp of the CHBE brand, as well as the rollout of new merchandise
  • Work to maintain the current lovely state of the club room, with its cleanliness and up-to-date calendar


Jaycee Briscoe (3rd year) and Andrew Sheroubi (4th year)


My name is Jaycee and I am a third year in the process option. I like archery, rock climbing, skiing, cross stitching and playing video games. I grew up in Prince George, moved to Vancouver in 2010, and here I hope to stay!


I am a 4th year student who has always wanted to be more involved in CHBE events. We have a wonderful community here and would love to maintain it. Through my experience I have gained lots of experience in event planning and management which I would like to bring to this role. Most notably I chaired and managed the budget for several large conferences.

Why are you a good fit for this position?:

I have worked in Red Sales, and I've worked as a cashier at Canadian Tire and Shell. I am great with money, know my way around a budget and great with people, so working with the VP Finance and the other club members would be easy for me.


I know CHBE and I understand how to budget and finance projects.

Election platform:

I plan to perform all roles of treasurer to my absolute best! I also hope to be able to help the other council members however I can to ensure that the year progresses smoothly.


Make sure the money is secure and potentially invest unused funds to generate more money


Caitlin Lee (3rd year) and Danica Cachero (3rd year)

Caitlin Lee:

Hi! I'm running with Danica to be your CHBE Council Secretaries. A little bit about me: I’m one of the mechanical leads for the junior Chem-E Car team, the president of UBC Dance Horizons, and also part of a dance team.

Danica Cachero:

Hi! I'm Danica and I'm very excited to run with Caitlin! Fun facts: I love all sports but my favourite is soccer, and I love to bake!

We love CHBE and all the students in the program. The events the council puts on are amazing and we would love to be involved in the planning of these events. Danica and I are both very organized and put in a lot of attention to detail which is why we would make a great secretarial team. We're also very willing to help out with other projects the council may be working on.

Why are you a good fit for this position?:

We are a good fit for this position because we are very organized, give a lot of attention to detail, and are always willing to help out with other projects. We both want to become more involved in the events that CHBE works on as we want to contribute to a positive CHBE student life. Furthermore, we have both had experience working in teams through extracurricular activities and enjoy being able to collaborate with others.

Election platform:
  • to be very organized and detailed about the meeting minutes we keep
  • to uphold honest elections
  • to help other council members in any way that we can in organizing CHBE events
  • to maintain and raise CHBE spirit

Social Coordinator

Nolan Okrusko (4th year) and Bryce Difley (4th year)


I will be a fourth year CHBE student over the 2017/2018 school year. Being in my final year at CHBE, I want to give back to the student body by organizing events that everybody can get excited about!


I will also be in my fourth year of CHBE and I am looking forward to my final year at UBC. Outside the classroom, planning “social events” is a passion of mine. I would love the opportunity to combine this passion with my education in a way that will help CHBE students build new friendships and make new connections.

Why are you a good fit for this position?:

As fourth year students, we believe that we have the right amount of experience and enthusiasm to improve the strength of community in CHBE. This undergraduate program is unique in the sense that strong friendships are developed not only in the classrooms, but through social events as well. We would like to build on this concept to create and improve social events that bridge the gap between students of all years. We have experience in planning “social events” aimed at gathering friends to unwind and release stress. The undergraduate degree goes by quickly, we want to make the most out of each student’s experience!

Election platform:
  • Increase CHBE turnout for all major social events
  • Plan social events that align with student’s schedules as effectively as possible
  • Plan and organize events based on the desires and interests of the student body
  • Help new and old CHBEs make new friendships and connections

Rory Dunbar (3rd year) and Brendan Rock (3rd year)

Rory and Brendan are two enthusiastic CHBE students that like to live an active lifestyle. We're creative and are always exploring new ideas, so vote for us for a rad social experience!

Why are you a good fit for this position?

We're a great fit for this position because we like to keep a healthy balance between school and social time. We want to promote sweet events and get the CHBE student body together.

Election platform:
  • More Pub Socials
  • More CHBE Charity Events
  • More E-WEEK Participation and Points

Sports and Charity Rep

Nick Clifford (3rd year) and Shawn Esquivel (3rd year)

Hey guys! We are both currently second years in CHBE. As much as we would like to help you with your academics, you're asking the wrong people. BUT we do enjoy all kinds of sports and activities to get everyone from CHBE together. Although we are only 5'5", we can make a mean spike or dunk.

Why are you a good fit for this position?

While being active members in the CHBE community....for various reasons, we have taken the initiative to ask second years to arrange groups for drop in sports without knowing that this position existed. With that being said, this position wouldn't feel like a job or duty but rather something that we love to do, which is bringing people together through sports.

Election platform:
  • We want to make CHBE great again.
  • Hoping to get more CHBE students involved with group sports.
  • As the sports coordinators, we promise to include as many sports wanted by everyone!

Industry Coordinator

Shams Elnawawi (3rd year) and Steve Zhang (4th year)

I am a second year student, and Steve is a fourth year student currently on Co-op.

Why are you a good fit for this position?:

Both myself and Steve have served the CHBE council in industry positions, myself as industry officer and Steve as industry co-rep. We both have experience in the industry positions, so we can start right away to improve professional development events and activities in CHBE. We are both open to ideas from students regarding the kind of activities or information they should have about the industry.

Election platform:
  • Improving industry nights and professional development events, to make them more catered to CHBE undergraduates
  • Adding events to increase CHBE exposure to industry professionals, based on the students' preference

Academimc Coordinator

Nabil Ali-Mohamad (3rd year) and Carolina Trujillo Sanchez (3rd year)

We are Carolina and Nabil, second year CHBE students, and we are excited to get involved in the CHBE department. We are interested in biological applications of chemical engineering and green energy and our biggest interest of all - pulp and paper (shout out to Mark Martinez) .

Why are you a good fit for this position?

Our focus on academics and ensuring the best learning makes us a great fit. Communication between faculty and students is our number one priority as is evidenced by going to office hours, attending beef and pizza, and personally emailing the professors

Election platform:
  • Creating a more welcoming community at beef and pizza events where students are not afraid to speak up.
  • Evaluating a possible change in the format of beef and pizza to create a better turnout
  • Enhance faculty/student relations
  • Be available for students to voice concerns and ombudsperson
  • Communication Coordinator

    Ping Ang (third year) and Victor Chiew (3rd year)


    My name is Ping, and I am a second year student in CHBE and the current Publicity Officer for the CHBE Undergad Club.


    Hi, I'm Victor and I am currently in second year CHBE. Between stressing about schoolwork and playing tennis, i like to make and edit videos, sometimes using them to create fun and inclusive conversation with anyone.

    Why are you a good fit for this position?: Ping:

    I currently hold the position of publicity officer where I am responsible for all the tasks that a communications coordinator would fulfill. I believe that I am a good fit for this position because I have had substantial experience creating the current weekly newsletters, designing posters, and all things required to get students in CHBE engaged and aware of all the events going on. Through my experience as publicity officer, I have become aware of the improvements that need to be made to increase student engagement and I hope to work on these improvements in the coming year. I believe my familiarity of the responsibilities this position entails from my experience as publicity officer makes me the best candidate for this position.

    Election platform:
    • Increase student engagement and views for the CHBE weekly newsletters (more free samosas!!)
    • Increase attendance to CHBE socials and events through more efficient advertising
    • Keep the club room calendar constantly updated

    4th Year Rep

    Tony Wu (4th year) and Asia Chu (4th year)


    I completed my Bachelor of Science at UBC in 2012 and returned to UBC to complete my Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering in 2014. Currently, I am on my last co-op term at FortisBC. My interests include horseback riding, traveling and hiking.


    I am entering my 4th year in the Process Option in CHBE. During my four years in CHBE, I have been involved with various aspects of the CHBE including sports, industry events, and socials. Come talk to me about photography, basketball, and student involvement!

    Why are you a good fit for this position?:

    I am passionate about my program and my peers. I believe we have all worked hard to get where we are and would love to represent this group. I have extensive work experience that has required me to have good time management and organizational skills. I believe this will be useful when we begin planning graduation.
    Tony – I have been the year representative each year that I have been in CHBE. Like Asia, I am passionate about giving back to my peers and the department. I believe that combination of our skills will help improve the 4th year experience.

    Election platform:
    • Increase student engagement and views for the CHBE weekly newsletters (more free samosas!!)
    • Increase attendance to CHBE socials and events through more efficient advertising
    • Keep the club room calendar constantly updated

    3rd Year Rep

    Said Zaid-Alkailani (3rd year) and Monelle Thomson (3rd year)

    We are both currently the second year reps of CHBE! We really enjoy being part of the CHBE community and being a voice for the students in our department. We are both passionate about chemistry, enjoy the outdoors and love walking our dogs! We are both very outgoing and hardworking students!! A vote for us is a vote for a united 2019/2020 chbe graduate class!!!!

    Why are you a good fit for this position?:

    We have the experience and expertise from being second year reps. We are eager to work alongside the department to help plan an exciting and insightful third year trip to industries.

    Election platform:

    We plan to continue our legacy that we set this year! We will continue to work hard to ensure midterms are equally spaced apart, host some exciting events and be a strong voice for the third years of Chemical and Biological Engineering.